Vizag Police Strictly Checking Helmet and Triple Riding: Know Details

Sonali Saha
2 Min Read

In a determined effort to enhance road safety, Vizag City Police have intensified their crackdown on two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets. Notably, the police have been actively conducting checks at P Baji Junction in Vizag, as well as implementing widespread inspections across the city.

The initiative aims to ensure that motorbike and scooter riders adhere to traffic regulations, with a particular focus on the crucial safety measure of wearing helmets. The P Baji Junction has become a focal point for these inspections, where police are stopping two-wheelers to verify compliance with helmet requirements.

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Authorities are urging residents and commuters to follow all traffic rules diligently. This includes wearing helmets, refraining from triple riding, and practicing safe driving habits. The increased police presence and strict checks underscore the city’s commitment to fostering a safer road environment for everyone.

The campaign is a timely reminder for riders to prioritize safety and abide by traffic guidelines. It is anticipated that such measures will contribute to reducing road accidents and promoting responsible behavior among motorists in Vizag. As the checks continue across the city, residents are encouraged to cooperate with law enforcement and play their part in creating a secure and orderly traffic environment.

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