Vizag Student’s Death Raises Concerns: Accident, Suicide, or More?

Honey Gupta
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The police in Vizag has said that they don’t think anything suspicious happened in the case of Riti Saha, a student from West Bengal. She passed away last week after falling from her hostel terrace. But her parents disagree and believe she was killed. They went to the AP high court and accused the police of not doing enough to get CCTV footage and other proof from the college hostel where Riti stayed.

Rita, who was 16 years old and from Kolkata, came to Vizag in May 2022 to study at a coaching institute for the NEET exam and her intermediate studies. She lived in a hostel with five other students in the Dondaparthi area of the city.

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A police officer who was investigating the case said that initially, it seems like Riti might have taken her own life. She fell from the hostel terrace on the night of July 14 and sadly passed away on July 16 while getting treated in a hospital. The CCTV footage showed that she was alone when this happened. The police are waiting for a detailed report from the forensic lab. They are also trying to find out if Riti was under a lot of pressure from her studies or if something else was bothering her.

The high court chose someone called a court commissioner to gather the CCTV footage and other evidence in the case. But Riti’s parents have claimed that important proof was destroyed. The commissioner also agreed that the police didn’t handle the case properly.

Both the police and the court commissioner will soon give a report to the high court.

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