Vizag’s Best Party Destinations for the Perfect Weekend

Honey Gupta
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If you’re in search of the ultimate destinations to relax, let loose, and celebrate in Vizag, you’re in the right spot. Join us as we take a journey to explore the top places for a weekend party in Vizag, where the music is infectious, the vibes are electric, and the good times are boundless. Whether you’re in the mood for a vibrant club, a rooftop oasis, or a cozy lounge, we’ve got you covered with the hottest spots to make your weekends unforgettable. So, gear up for a weekend filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories at these fantastic party destinations!

Stone Water:

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stone water

Stone Water is a lively and electrifying place with an extraordinary ambiance, a wide range of beverages, and delightful desserts. The in-house DJ will get you grooving to rock-n-roll music on the dance floor. It’s one of the latest additions to the city’s list of happening places.

Location: Yendada



Qubaa is a relatively new resto-bar in town that’s gaining popularity. It’s an ideal place to hang out and chill with your friends thanks to its picturesque and Instagram-worthy decor. Enjoy delicious food and sip on a variety of drinks from their extensive menu.

Location: Pedda Waltair


iron hill

Ironhill is a local brand famous for its Saturday night club scene. While it may not be as big as its counterparts in Hyderabad or Bengaluru, the Vizag branch was the first to open. With two floors of music, branding, and drama, Iron Hill tops our list. They offer live music every Wednesday and Saturday, creating an addictive vibe. Don’t forget to explore their range of craft beers.

Location: Siripuram



Combining great food and live music for a date night, Somaa is a fantastic choice. This resto-bar specializes in South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. Their must-try delicacies include BBQ Grilled Fish with Mashed Potato, Chicken Dum Biryani, Patiala Kebab, and Mexican Crispy Shrimp. Somaa also features a separate dance floor with a DJ for those who love to dance. With unique offerings every day of the week, Somaa is a highly recommended destination.

Location: VIP Road, Siripuram



“Myz-Uno” represents the first (UNO) beer brewed out of Maize (MYZ) for Andhra Pradesh. They serve a wide range of cuisines, including finger food, Continental, North Indian, South Indian, Italian, European, Belgian, and Chinese, along with a fine dining area. Live music sets a relaxing vibe, and later in the night, the DJ takes over for a full-on party mode. Myz-Uno is known to be the most student-friendly party place in the city and one of the only two breweries. From their Ladies’ Night every Wednesday to Weekend Fiestas, this local club is worth your time.

Location: Siripuram

Cosmic House:

cosmic house

Cosmic House is the perfect spot to hang out with friends and family. It offers a decent ambiance, courteous staff, and a superb live band, not to mention delicious food and a variety of drink options. They have you covered with their sizzling sizzlers, heavenly pizzas, and explosive biryanis if you’re looking for some out-of-this-world fusion food.

Location: Siripuram

Enjoy your weekends at these fantastic party destinations in Vizag!

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