Vizag’s Chemistry Restaurant Treats Diners for Rs- 149 on Special Menu

Sonali Saha
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Visakhapatnam: The aroma of delicious delights fills the air at Vizag’s Chemistry Restaurant on VIP Road, as they roll out an enticing offer where every item is priced at an unbeatable Rs. 149, exclusively from their special menu card. Known for its delectable offerings and great ambience, the Chemistry Restaurant invites food enthusiasts to savor the goodness of their diverse menu without burning a hole in their pockets.

The Rs. 149 offer applies to a carefully curated special menu, promising a culinary journey that caters to both non-vegetarian and vegetarian palates. The Chemistry Restaurant takes pride in offering not just good food but an exceptional dining experience set against a backdrop of great ambience.

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For those who relish non-vegetarian delights, the menu includes mouthwatering starters such as Chilli Chicken, Peri Peri Wings, and Chicken Lollipop. Meanwhile, vegetarians can indulge in flavorful options like Mushroom Manchuria, Paneer 65, and Chilli Baby Corn. The variety ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Biryani enthusiasts have a treat in store with options like Bagara Rice with Chicken Fry, Kalmi Biryani, and a tantalizing Special Veg Mix Biryani. The diverse range of biryanis promises a symphony of flavors that caters to different taste preferences.

The Rs. 149 offer at Vizag’s Chemistry Restaurant has sparked enthusiasm on social media, with users sharing their experiences and expressing delight over the opportunity to relish these culinary delights at an affordable price. The hashtags #ChemistryRestaurant and #FoodieDelight are making rounds online as food enthusiasts spread the word about this irresistible offer.

As patrons flock to enjoy this gastronomic deal, Vizag’s Chemistry Restaurant stands out not just for its sumptuous offerings but also for making quality dining accessible to all. The Rs. 149 special menu offer invites locals and visitors alike to experience a culinary journey that blends affordability with exceptional taste, promising an unforgettable dining experience at every visit.

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