Vizag’s New Life Saver: Saif Seas Introduces Remote-Controlled Buoy for Beach Safety

Jahnavi Konatham
2 Min Read

In a breakthrough move for beach safety, Saif Seas, a local engineering firm, has unveiled a groundbreaking invention – a remote-controlled life-saving buoy. Engineered right here in Vizag, this buoy is designed to prevent drowning incidents along the coastline, providing a strong communication range of up to 3 kilometers.

The need for such innovation is due to incidents reported along Vizag’s beaches. With the increasing popularity of beachside activities, ensuring the safety of beachgoers has become a top priority for local authorities and communities alike.

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The newly developed buoy serves as a proactive measure to address this concern. Equipped with remote control functionality, it can swiftly navigate through the waters to reach individuals in distress. This feature enables lifeguards or authorities to deploy the buoy rapidly, significantly reducing response time during emergencies.

One of the key advantages of this buoy is its robust communication capabilities, extending up to 3 kilometers. This extensive range ensures that even in challenging conditions, such as rough seas or adverse weather, rescue operations can be coordinated effectively.

Moreover, the buoy is designed to be user-friendly, allowing lifeguards or volunteers with minimal training to operate it efficiently. Its intuitive controls make it accessible to a wide range of users, enhancing its usability and effectiveness in emergency situations.

Saif Seas’ initiative to develop this indigenous life-saving technology underscores the importance of local innovation in addressing community challenges. By harnessing local expertise and resources, they have created a solution tailored to the specific needs of Vizag’s coastal communities.

As Vizag embraces this new life-saving tool, it marks a significant step forward in enhancing beach safety measures. With the remote-controlled buoy poised to become a staple feature along the coastline, residents and visitors can enjoy the beaches with greater peace of mind, knowing that help is readily available in times of need.

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