Waltair Division Shines: Among Top Five in Indian Railway Freight Handling

Lilu Dhruw
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Waltair Division Shines: Among Top Five in Indian Railway Freight Handling

During the first nine months of this fiscal year, the Waltair Division in Visakhapatnam has emerged as one of the top five Indian Railway divisions for handling freight traffic. Divisional Railway Manager Saurabh Prasad attributed this success to the dedicated teamwork and commitment of the division’s employees.

Speaking at the National Flag unfurling ceremony held at the Waltair Railway Football Stadium, Prasad commended the collective efforts of the staff despite the ongoing challenges. He emphasized the division’s consistent performance across various aspects, including freight handling, safety measures, infrastructure development, and employee management.

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Waltair Division has witnessed a notable 9% increase in freight handling, with a total of 54.42 million tonnes loaded from April to December 2023. Prasad highlighted that the division leads not only in freight handling but also excels in safety, security, infrastructure maintenance, provision of amenities, asset management, and human resource management.

Expressing optimism about the division’s future, Prasad declared that Waltair Division is on a growth trajectory in all areas, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining this progress.

The achievement of Waltair Division in handling freight traffic reflects its dedication to excellence and efficiency in railway operations, contributing significantly to the transportation sector’s growth and development.

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