After three years, the renovated Aqua Sports Complex  is set to reopen in Vizag

After being closed for nearly three years, the Aqua Sports Complex on RK Beach road GVMC is preparing to welcome visitors once again

This municipal swimming pool had been shut down prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and has since undergone extensive renovations

Initially closed just before the pandemic hit, the renovation plans faced setbacks due to pandemic-related restrictions and other challenges

In the past year, the renovation efforts gained momentum, particularly in recent months with the increased workforce

The upgrades encompassed various aspects such as the entrance arch, flooring, tiling, pipelines, machinery, diving board, lighting, and painting

Supervising the renovation progress was GVMC Commissioner CM Saikanth Varma IAS, who also oversaw the installation of decorative lights at the entrance

Mr. Varma conducted an inspection of the ongoing work at the Aqua Sports Complex on RK Beach road

He noted that they are currently focusing on underwater lighting, refining the flooring, and polishing

The completion of the remaining tasks is anticipated within the next two to three days, with the grand reopening of the complex slated for this week