Emily Blunt: Unconventional Roles and Transformations

7. Evelyn Abbott

Emily plays the matriarch of the Abbott family in A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinsk

6. Katherine Oppenheimer

Emily plays the role of Robert Oppenheimer's wife, Katherine or Kitty, who is also a former Communist Party member.

5. Edge of Tomorrow

Emily portrays the war veteran Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow, opposite Tom Cruise. it is directed Doug Liman.

4. Emily Charlton

Emily Blunt plays the role or Emily Charlton, the iconic assistant of the ever-iconic Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

3. Into the Woods

 a captivating performance as the Baker's Wife in "Into the Woods," infusing the character with depth and emotion. 

2. wind chill

Emily Blunt delivers a haunting performance as a college student stranded on a desolate winter road

1. Mary Poppins 

Set in London during the Great Depression, the film sees the return of Mary Poppins, former nanny of Jane and Michael Banks, return to them in the wake of the death of Michael's wife.

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