Pawan Kalyan makes allegations on the Rushikonda issue in Vizag

Pawan Kalyan, a prominent actor turned politician, is a member of the Jana Sena party in southern India.

On August 11, 2023, he embarked on a Varaha Yatra in Vizag as part of his election campaign.

During his visit, he reached Rushikonda, near the construction site of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy's office.

Pawan Kalyan made allegations against the ruling party, holding them responsible for various issues in the city and the state.

He expressed frustration over the chief minister's alleged violation of laws despite being entrusted with upholding them.

Pawan Kalyan highlighted that the government failed to fulfill its promises regarding the execution of three specific ideas.

Despite restrictions, Pawan Kalyan's vehicle and a few others were allowed to enter the area, but he was not permitted near the exact location of the CM's office.

Pawan Kalyan interacted with his fans, took photos with them, and his positive demeanor endeared him to many, reflecting his popularity.