WICCI Unveils Spectacular Andhra Pradesh Chapter with Grand Launch in Visakhapatnam

Honey Gupta
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The Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) had a big event in Visakhapatnam on August 4th. They started something called the Andhra Pradesh Handloom Council. It was a fancy event at a place called Waltair Club. Many important people came, like Parijata Satpathy, Sakina Ansari, Rupal Joshi, and Jeeja Valsraj. Harbeen Arora Rani, who started WICCI, joined through a computer.

They did a special thing with a lamp at the start. Then, the important guests talked. They said nice things about working together and learning about traditional clothes. They also introduced the new team for Andhra Pradesh Handloom Council. Shilpa Dantu will be the President, and Surekha Patnaik will help her. They showed a new logo too.

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They gave a special award to a weaver named Korukonda Sarojini. She’s really good at making a special kind of cloth. The next day, some team members visited a village called Ponduru.

WICCI is a group that helps women in business. They want to help women who make traditional clothes. This is important because the Indian government wants these kinds of clothes to be important and stay around.

So, in simple words, WICCI started a new group in Andhra Pradesh to help women who make traditional clothes. They had a fancy event with important guests and talked about working together. They also introduced the new leaders of the group and gave an award to a talented weaver. This is all to help keep special traditional clothes important.

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