Yami Gautam Expresses Gratitude as PM Modi Acknowledges ‘Article 370’ Film

Sonali Saha
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Bollywood actress Yami Gautam is all smiles and filled with gratitude after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a nod to her upcoming film, ‘Article 370,’ during a recent rally in Jammu. The Prime Minister expressed that the film would play a crucial role in providing people with the right information, adding a political drama to his mention.

Reacting to the acknowledgment from PM Modi, Yami Gautam shared her thoughts on the special moment. The actress expressed her gratitude and excitement, highlighting the significance of having the Prime Minister recognize the film’s potential impact.

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In his recent rally speech, PM Modi brought attention to ‘Article 370,’ emphasizing its role in conveying important information to the audience. The film, centered around a political theme, seems to have caught the Prime Minister’s eye for its potential to contribute to public awareness.

Yami Gautam, thrilled by the endorsement from PM Modi, shared, “It’s an honor to have our film acknowledged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. ‘Article 370’ aims to provide the audience with important insights, and having the support of our nation’s leader is truly heartening.”

The actress went on to express her hope that the film would fulfill its purpose of offering the right information and engaging the audience in a meaningful way. As the news of PM Modi’s mention spreads, anticipation for ‘Article 370’ is likely to grow, with audiences eager to witness the impact of this political drama.

Yami Gautam’s film, with the Prime Minister’s endorsement, now carries added significance, and it will be interesting to see how it resonates with audiences when it hits the screens. The actress and the entire team of ‘Article 370’ are gearing up for a unique cinematic journey, buoyed by the support and encouragement from the country’s leadership.

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