Yuvraj Singh on MS Dhoni: “Dhoni and I are not good friends” – Yuvraj Singh gave a shocking interview

Sonali Saha
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Yuvraj Singh’s Interview on MS Dhoni: Yuvraj Singh’s recent interview about his friendship with Dhoni has stirred up cricket fans. He admitted that they were never friends, their connection solely being due to playing cricket together. In this candid conversation, Yuvraj openly discussed the time spent with MS Dhoni during their careers. He spoke about their different lifestyles, which kept them from developing a close friendship.

Yuvraj mentioned how they always gave their best when they took to the field, dedicated completely to serving the country. During their time as captain and vice-captain, there were often differences in their decisions. Some of Dhoni’s decisions were not to Yuvraj’s liking and vice versa, a common occurrence within teams. He recalled instances where he helped Dhoni during his century, and Dhoni, in turn, assisted Yuvraj during his half-century.

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Towards the end of their careers, Yuvraj mentioned seeking advice from Dhoni about his future. However, Dhoni conveyed that the selection committee was not considering him. This conversation occurred just before the 2019 World Cup. Yuvraj concluded by stating that even though both have retired, when they meet, it’s akin to friends catching up.

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