The Heat Wave Chronicles: Exploring India’s Sizzling Cities

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The Heat Wave Chronicles: Exploring India's Sizzling Cities

Here and eager to embrace the hot temperature that left us all feeling as though we were living on the sun the previous year is your friendly neighborhood weather expert. Yeah, I’m referring to the sweltering summer of 2023 in India, when the mercury decided to play race and set records.

Shall we go on a tour together?

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Vizag: Waltair brought the heat at 43.4°C, proving that coastal cities aren’t spared from the fiery wrath of the sun.

Ahmedabad: Oh boy, Ahmedabad hit a scorching 44.7°C. Ice baths, perhaps?

Chennai: With a sizzling 42.7°C, Meenambakkam took center stage. Anyone for sunscreen?

Santacruz, not far from Mumbai, recorded a scorching 39.4°C. Please, ice cream!

Delhi: Safdarjung experienced a temperature of 43.7°C, while Najafgarh experienced an even higher temperature of 46.2°C. People, remember to stay hydrated!

Kolkata: With a temperature of 41.2°C, Kolkata proved to us that life is more than just candy and rosogollas.

Hyderabad: At 42.7°C, Khairatabad equaled Chennai’s record. Anyone want an ice pack?

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